Call Tracker & Call Blocker App for Android & iOS Devices.

The modern day and age has seen many inventions that have made life easier for everyone. Mundane tasks have been automated, bill payment has been made electronic, and shopping for anything across the globe is at the touch of your fingertips while sitting right at the comfort of your home. However, as with every rosy picture, there are to be found with this modern age its own array of problems. Whether its health concerns from having a desk job and hence not enough movement in a day to the fear of having your phone or computer hacked, and all your information being stolen.
With online shopping and the increased use of cell phones, there are often way too many unwanted calls received every single day. You might be sleeping, in the middle of something important or even waiting for an important call, and in comes a call that was totally unexpected. On the other end is a telemarketer wasting your time and energy on something completely useless to you; it can be quite annoying, and the higher the frequency of the calls the higher your level of annoyance. As an everyday, frequent occurrence it can get even more infuriating.
Another situation that gives rise to unwanted calls is that of social gatherings or social networking. These harmless gatherings can quickly turn sour when there is that one person who wants to be in the know with everyone and wants their numbers to keep in touch. Admittedly, there is no harm in handing out your number to someone you are likely to hang out with. However, when the person asking the number is unwelcome or eventually turns out to be unwelcome with their overzealousness to stay in touch, that is when the problem arises and your call log sees a rise in the number of calls you have missed from them.
Whether you are being stalked by a colleague or wannabe friend, or by a telemarketing company, the modern technology has a solution for you. This solution comes encased as an application, which you can easily download to your phone and use at your discretion for your convenience; the call block and call tracker application is the answer to all your prayers.

Why do you need a call blocker?

It may seem like an extreme measure to take to install a special call blocker application to take care of your excessive call traffic. It may seem easier to simply ignore the call instead of indulging in a digitone call blocker application.
The call blocker app can come very handy for you in the situations you have above experienced and more. There are often times at which you would really prefer to not be disturbed by an unwanted cell phone activity at all, especially calls. These are often the times at which most telemarketing companies think of to bug you the most, or so it seems. All you have to do then is to download the best call blocker for Android and use it to block that number and any others from which you get such calls.
Similarly, if you have any stalker or some other person who has nothing better to do with his or her life than to dial prank calls, and as a result is bothering you at all times and especially the most inopportune ones, then you can use the Android call blocker and block their calls for the rest of eternity. However, if you do not have an Android phone, you cannot use an Android call blocker to block those calls. There are several options of call blocker for iPhone, all you have to do is search for them.
Call blocker applications are often part of spy applications as well. If you are a parent and you use the spy application to keep an eye on your child’s phone usage, you may find the call blocker quite useful as well. For instance, you have a child who is quite troubled and in turn is very rebellious in their behaviour with you. You find by spying on their phone that they speak regularly with someone who is not worth their time and are responsible for inciting the rebelliousness in your child. You can then use the call blocker to block their calls from your child’s phone, if you deem it the right measure to take.
Previously you would have considered changing your number if you were particularly bothered by any of these problems, now you can simply use the call blocker in conjunction with the call tracker and simply block the bothersome calls.

How to use the call tracker?

The call tracker works along side the call blocker and brings the added feature of tracking a number. If you are receiving unwarranted calls and the person on the other end neither identifies themselves nor stops calling, you can use the call amp tracker to track their call and number, and provide the information to the relevant authorities to handle the annoyance caused.
The call GPS SMS tracker application will further allow you not only to know the identity of the caller, but even be able to track their exact location as well. Increasingly, every year more and more cases of stalking are reported and often times the person being stalked didn’t take matters seriously until something serious happened. Prevent the chances of anything from happening to you by cutting off such calls right from the start.
So, once you download and install the application, you will be asked to create a call GPS SMS tracker login. Then onwards whenever you need to block a call or track a call, you must sign in to the phone call tracker application using the login information that you created, and from there handle the matter. The dashboard will give you options to block a call or track a call; you can choose the appropriate option for your need of the moment, and enter the number whose call you wish to block or track, and the rest will be handled by the application.
Additionally, you can use the call tracker app as a parent to get to know the people that your child is conversing with. As above mentioned, you could block the number of someone whom you deem suspicious or a bad influence on your child. However, this would be an extreme measure and one that would get immediate notice from your child, even if their first thought is not that they are being spied upon. If you do not approve of someone your child is speaking to and have no idea who this person is, you can track their call and therefrom their identifying information. If it is someone from their school, you can speak with your child’s teacher to see what they can do about separating your child from them and perhaps encourage them to be with other better company.