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How to choose the best mobile spy applications

Many modern parents are concerned about tracking the location of their children with their phones. It is not so difficult, given the large selection of modern technologies developed specifically for this purpose.

For example, a few years ago witnessed the appearance of a popular service of mobile operators to track a particular subscriber by their phone number. It is not so popular nowadays, because there are a lot of phone trackers that can help you track your child’s phone.

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If you want to know where your child is, you do not need to buy ingenious devices – just install the mobile application. We will tell you about the most popular cell phone tracking apps with which you will know exactly where your kid is.

Unfortunately, children do not appreciate the care that their parents give them – and, therefore, they sometimes do not even bother to warn them that they are delayed at school or in the sports section. If such a situation happens, parents usually bite their nails and worry whether something has happened to their child.

However, there is a way to avoid such worries: it is enough to use one of the phone tracker apps to track children, available in large numbers in both Google Play and the AppStore.

One of the best ways to protect your children from such incidents is to use the capabilities of modern mobile phones to monitor their location. Nowadays, mobile applications for smartphones are becoming more accessible and most of them have GPS modules. This article will give you information about several free applications to ensure the safety of your children.

Best cell phone tracking apps review

This innovative monitoring mobile application has been designed specifically for monitoring phones, computers, employee tablets and parental control of minor children.

The mSpy

The mSpy app has got great confidence among its customers, which is one among several hundred thousand applications around the world, especially in Europe and America. This is due to the absolute legality and ease of installation and use of the best tracking app.

The advantages of this program are also low prices for subscription and the number of excellent features. It has made mSpy one of the most downloaded apps to date.

The cost of a standard mSpy package starts from 29.99 USD, which is undoubtedly lower than the price of the main competitors and this is the main advantage. Paying this price, you get the basic functions of spyware —SMS, MMS, call history, contacts, email, photos and videos, Internet activity, calendar, notes, applications, GPS tracking, as well as full service.


FlexiSPY is not just a spy program for smartphones, it is a professional mobile spy, which is the best among analogues. The developers position their product as an assistant in the following situations:

Control over the owner of the phone. It is clear that you will not control yourself, but your spouse or your friend, or just the right person.

  • It is important to set parental control over your child, its communication, movements and hobbies. After all, it is very important to know about the problems, hobbies, social circle of your child. The children themselves will not tell such parents, and the consequences can be very unpleasant
  • Employee supervision for business owners. It’s so convenient — you can just give your employee a phone on behalf of the company and then you will know all about their loyalty to themselves, to the company, their interests, etc.

The FlexiSPY app has a golden mean in terms of price. Quality costs money, but the price should be reasonable. Therefore, the cost of programs starts from 68 USD per month, and it is quite acceptable. You can update the advanced version by paying the difference at any time.

Highster Mobile

The program for wiretapping mobile phone called Highster Mobile stands out from the list of competitors for its rich functionality. The service designed to work with Android devices has been successfully operating on the market for more than a year, which guarantees certain stability in working with it, including verified functionality and business model.

Due to this phone application, you can organize a variety of very useful activities, including:

  • secure control of someone else’s phone (and its owner)
  • tracking movements
  • secure wiretapping of phone calls and SMS
  • control of activity in social networks and the Internet
  • protect your phone from theft
  • parental control
  • check the loyalty of subordinates

As you can see, wiretapping cell phone on Android allows you to not only organize a covert collection of compromising evidence from the carefree owner of the smartphone, but also has a lot of quite peaceful and very convenient applications.


Hoverwatch is a service designed to monitor mobile devices online, which allows you to view correspondence, monitor phone conversations and the location of the user in real time.

This program, which has the most complete set of functions, is ideal for wiretapping. This program collects information in the form of SMS texts, e-mails and call logs. The advanced version is able to record all conversations, so you get the opportunity to listen to all the conversations of your child or employees of your company! Besides all this, it is able to track WhatsApp messages, Viber, chat on Skype, Facebook Chat, pictures and videos taken with your phone, and much more. Paid Plans start at $ 19.99 per month for a single device. As soon as you log in on the site, choose the tariff plan and pay the money, the Hoverwatch app will give you the possibility of saving telephone conversations and all SMS-messages, voice recorder function, determination of geolocation, construction of routes.


MobiStealth is a spy app for mobile phone consisting of two parts. Its sole purpose is to display all communications of a particular phone, both incoming and outcoming ones. One part of MobiStealth is a spy app. It is installed on the phone of the person you suspect.

The second part of MobiStealth is intended for users themselves. Here you can view all communications that have been intercepted and copied for you. The owners of MobiStealth include not only those who suspect unfaithful wives. This application is also used by caring parents who need to know what their children do, where they went and with whom they communicate

How much does this app cost? The price for three months of using the spyware is $ 39, for a year – $ 149, but the final amount varies depending on whether you choose a regular or professional version of the software. The main difference between the two versions of MobiStealth is the number of features available for spying on your phone.


TeenSafe allows parents to constantly monitor what their children do on their smartphone. The application gives relatives the entire history of search queries in the browser, call history, correspondence in third-party social networks and messengers, as well as the history of activity in dating services. The program works on smartphones with Android and iOS. It is used by more than a million people only in the US. The spy app for smartphone based on Android or iOS will allow you to continuously monitor its owner. The child will be completely under your control and you will be sure that he is all right. You can monitor it with your computer, laptop, as well as with any device that has the Internet connection. If you want to obtain personal information from a mobile phone of your child, you must log in to the personal account on the official website of the application. If you want to upload the intercepted data, the mobile phone must also be connected to the Internet via GPRS or Wi-Fi. However, the advantage is that Internet access may not be permanent, and the data will be transmitted as the smartphone goes online. You shouldn’t save money on safety, especially when it comes to children. Taking into account all the functionality, the cost of the application is justified, and when you buy a subscription for a year, the price becomes more profitable. It is the duty of parents to protect children from problems and troubles. Due to TeenSafe, you can always be aware of where your child is and what it does.





Multi OS Support

SPY on Calls


SPY on Emails

Track GPS Location

Monitor Internet Use

Access Address Book

Access Calendar

Instant Messages

Control Apps


Remote Control




Android, IOS, Windows



Android, IOS, Windows

Highster Mobile


Androind, IOS




Android, iPhone, Windows






The Truth Spy


Android, iPhone, Mac OS, Windows


Mobile Tracker


Android, iPhone, Windows


TruthSpy is a unique application with the function of data archiving on the device (smartphone, tablet, computer). The logger program for personal data allows you to remotely block or delete data from the device, read and archive messages, get access to files, delete or download them. A very useful and effective function is recording phone conversations

Due to this program, parents can set up the parental control program on the child’s phone, providing unique features

A special program of wiretapping phones called TruthSpy allows you to get hands-on complete control of information of devices with iOS and Android, being anywhere in the world, working with all operators: to listen and record all incoming and outcoming calls (conversations) of a subscriber, to read SMS, messages, Skype, e-mail to determine the GPS coordinates and the coordinates of the specific cell, to see photos and videos stored on your phone, to read correspondence of WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, Telegram, etc. receive notification about the change of SIM card by the subscriber and continue listening to the phone with a new card.


XNSPY provides near-spy monitoring capability, allowing you to track calls, SMS and geographical coordinates. This is less than the basic functionality, but on the other hand it allows placing it in Google Play. Despite the fact that it is not a real spyware program, its rather big popularity is provided by the presence of other products from related industries — solutions for desktop computers and laptops. The main advantages of the iPhone tracking program are:

  • work in hidden mode – the owner of the device will not know, that all information about his correspondence and calls is available to someone else
  • automatic message forwarding – when a new call or message is received, you will be immediately notified
  • easy to use – just install the control system once, and it will run automatically in the future.

XNSPY is in good demand because of the reliability and balanced market rates. Ascetic set of functionality, in which there is nothing to break, multiplied by the basic functionality attract those users who need a simpler solution.

Mobile Tracking

According to our estimation, the best free cell phone tracker is Mobile Tracking. It offers the classic set of basic features needed by every spy program for phones at the lowest price. The cost of the product is everything for many of us. If there is a necessary set of functions, then why should you pay extra money? This principle of thinking of most people has made Mobile Tracking so popular. It is a first spy app with easy installation and quick setup.

The spy app– the main features of the program for tracking cell phone:

  • Geolocation is accurate determination of the coordinates of the monitored smartphone with a given frequency, which allows you to build routes of the subscriber.
  • Records of phone conversations are copies of all conversations which are stored on the server for listening at a convenient time for you.
  • SMS interception is similar to the previous point. If the subscriber deletes SMS, it will still be stored on the server.
  • A remote recorder allows recording everything that is happening around with the remote command.

Wiretapping of phone will dispel your doubts and allow you to get important information for decision-making in business and personal life. The unique program will allow you to quickly and easily organize a reliable control of mobile phones around the world.

Nowadays, tablets and smartphones are popular among children of a fairly early age and most often it is a device on Android. After that, parents usually have concerns about how, how much time and why the child uses this device and they have a desire to protect it from unwanted applications, websites, uncontrolled use of the phone and similar things

Sometimes there is a need to monitor the actions of a person using a computer without his knowledge. The head of the company may have such a need because he may want to check whether his employees spend time sitting at PC or a jealous husband who wants to make sure that his wife does not have an unwanted hobby in the network. Also, caring parents will want to detect bad habits of their children in time, and respond to it in advance.

This problem is solved by installing best phone tracker with absolutely legal installation on users’ devices. The principle of operation of these utilities is hidden collection, analysis of user actions on the computer, and the provision of data results. It is worth noting that there is a fine line between the legal use and malicious espionage with the help of these programs, perhaps determined only by the internal motive of their use.

The above spy best cell phone trackers are a tool that can be used for the benefit of people as well as harm. If parents want to protect their child from visiting malicious sites, and use the program in order to respond in time to the danger, then this is a good motive. The use of key loggers by business leaders to control employees is also used for the benefit of business. Although, the developers strongly recommend notifying employees about the installation of this software on their PCs.

What to consider when choosing the best cell phone tracker?

There are a lot of programs for wiretapping mobile phones nowadays. It is clear that they all have their own characteristics. Spy software for iPhone and android offers a basic set of functions for tracking and listening to the phone. It is of quite high quality and frankly cheap. Why should you pay for the set of functions that are not much needed (more functional solutions can be found in the same section of our website)? You choose a tariff plan, choose the period of use, register and get access to the application that you need to download and install on the monitored smartphone. The installation is standard for mobile applications, but will not see the program on the phone at the end you. You will need to use a special code to access. If you want to know all these subtleties, then you should read the instructions on the official website of the spy program.

Such solutions can be supplied in several options- simple and professional ones (root option). In the first case, there is no big difference from working with conventional applications. In the second case— you get a little more functionality. The differences are described in detail by the developers in their instructions. If we talk about the root option, then it will take extra time to sort things out. The smartphone will become more vulnerable and it will lose its guarantee. However, there will be new opportunities, which will be a bonus.

All spyware is installed on your phone only when you get direct access to it. There are no magic commands for the remote installation of such decisions on other people’s phones. The next important point is that you can download the best mobile tracker for wiretapping the phone only from the official website, for example, going there with a smartphone browser. It shouldn’t be Playmarket or AppStore, etc. It’s a wiretapping app, but not a regular mobile application. You can also download the spyware from the official website to your computer, upload the installation file to your phone via cable and run it there through the file manager.

Hardly anyone would like to be supervised without their knowledge, including even those who download such a program on other device. It is necessary to know that all programs of this type belong to the class of spyware viruses. Therefore, if you don’t want to become a victim of intruders and not to lose personal data, it is necessary to install an anti-virus on the computer for the recognition of spyware, keylogger.

Children still often have access to the forbidden sites. There will always be friends whose computer works without parental control. Smartphones and tablets, which are even more difficult to control than a computer, are gaining popularity even among schoolchildren. You can always find information how to disable parental control and there are many methods for removing restrictions.

Perhaps the best method of parental control is to discuss the dangers of questionable sites together. Friendly and equal conversation between parents and children can help to achieve agreement and understanding much easier and more effectively than using disconnected programs and other electronic methods.

Nowadays, this opportunity is often used by jealous spouses or parents. It is very popular to wiretap wife’s phone via the Internet or supervise children at school by wiretapping the environment. All this is used for the benefit of maintaining trustful relationship in the family and to identify problems in the relationship of spouses or children.