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13 January 2019

Using spyware is the best way to reveal the truth about the person, if you believe that he/she want to conceal something from you. Nowadays, lots of different programs for phone tracking are available online. Therefore, it may be difficult to choose the best option. In our article, we want to present you the best options of spyware.

Mobile Spy is a brand new application for phone tracking. It is particularly useful for parents wishing to protect their children and employers who want to control their workers.

Once installed on the target device, the app starts tracking calls, SMS messages and GPS locations of the user.

Mobile Spy

You don’t require access to the mobile phone in order to track its activity. It can be done from any browser.
The purchase Mobile Spy will provide you with a bonus in the form of 1-year unpaid license for the use of Sniper Spy (app for remote tracking). However, only the users buying feature a one-year license of the program can get this opportunity. Mobile Spy comes in 3 different versions:


  • 3 Months $50
  • Half a year $70
  • 1 year $100


  • 3 Months $65
  • Half a year $90
  • 1 year $140

Except for the above-mentioned version, you can order an additional Live Control Panel for $50 a year.


The application has three versions: for mobile (namely, Android/iPhone), for PC (Windows or Mac) and spyware for tablets (Android/iPad). All you have to do is to access the target device (only for a short time). The app can be installed via the mobile phone’s browser. Upon installation, you won’t have to touch the target phone again. However, all information about the calls and messages will be sent to your e-mail 24/7.

The application is suitable only for a jailbroken or root Android-based device. Spyera works on various brands of mobile phones. The main functions of Spyera are record of calls and listening to the environment. An additional benefit is that you can monitor VOIP apps through this program, which may not be found in any other spyware. There are three different options of SPYERA: for PC, tablet and smartphone. The first version is designed for monitoring personal computers, the second is intended for tracking tablets, and the last one is used to control various brands of mobile phones. Moreover, there is a complex version that works on all devices. If you need to track PC, cell phone and tablet from a single account, we advise you to purchase “all-in-one” option.


One license for smartphone

  • Three Months- $190
  • Half a year- $290
  • One year- $390 (60% discount)


  • One license for tablet
  • Three Months- $150
  • Half a year- $190
  • One year- $250 (60% discount)


One License for personal computer

  • Three Months- $60
  • Half a year- $80
  • One year- $100 (60% discount)


1 license for tablet, personal computer and smartphone

  • 12 months- $490
  • Two years- $690 (80% discount)


FlexiSPY is one of the latest international spyware programs. It offers all kinds of functions for phone monitoring. Thus, it records calls, permits you to read emails and SMS, logs keystrokes and tracks the GPS location (unbeknownst to the phone owner).

We should note that FlexiSPY Extreme is very expensive (about $200). However, we will help you to find out whether this app is worth it. FlexiSPY comes in two different versions Premium and Extreme. The first version includes the main functions, present in any spying software (apart from call interception and call records). However, Extreme version comprises such features as well.

Premium Version
This version provides all the standard features available in any spyware. This app allows the person to track each incoming/outgoing call and text message on the target phone. Moreover, it shows you all the websites the person visits and images/videos/audio he/she downloads.

Extreme Version
This version give you an opportunity to listen to any chats, send messages and distantly control the target phone.
After buying and installing the application on the target phone, it starts working in hidden mode. The program records the activities of the device and sends them to your e-mail or special account. If you want to see the records of phone activity, just log into your FlexiSPY account. That’s all! Listen to all calls, read all SMS messages and e-mails, see the GPS location of the phone owner and much more.

The complete package of FlexiSPY is suitable for Apple iPad remote monitor.

  • 1 month- $70
  • 3 months- $100
  • 1 year- $150

Choose PREMIUM version in order to completely monitor all the mobile phone activities. This option provides more features than any other spyware program.

  • 1 month- $70
  • 3 months- $100
  • 1 year- $150

For the most demanding users, EXTREME offers such function as monitoring and recording of all sound streams (as well as many other amazing search instruments).

  • 3 months- $200
  • 1 year- $350


iKeyMonitor is a special type of software, designed for monitoring mobile phones and tablets. iKeyMonitor has been a major accomplishment on the market of spyware. This program is cheap and easy-to-use. iKeyMonitor has a rich diversity of exclusive features. Besides tracking calls, messages, GPS location and online activities, this app permits the user to block undesirable apps and websites, establish time limitations and much more.

IKeyMonitor was designed parents wishing to look after their children and employers who want to control their staff. iKeyMonitor is compatible with Android and iOS devices. This app was designed primarily for parental control and monitoring staff members. IKeyMonitor provides a complete set of features for full monitoring of the target phone. The set of feature may vary depending on the type of license. Ultimate edition (full functionality)

  • 1-month license $40 $50
  • 3-month license $50 $70
  • 1-year license $100, $110Premium edition (restricted functionality)
  • 1-month license $30 $40
  • 3-month license $40 $60
  • 1-year license $90 $100
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