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Best 4 parental control apps 2019

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13 January 2019

Everyone understands that kids must be brought up, controlled and set on the proper path. But how to do it well if you can’t be always next to your children? If the parents are busy, the collective in which children employ most of the time is involved in their raising. Often it is very bad. The issue can be solved by means of controlling the kids through their phone. Nowadays, one can find a lot of different phone tracking programs that operate on Android platform. But are any of them effective? That is the question. The main advantage of all programs is that they can be downloaded on the mobile phone quickly and easily. Using the computer, you can track the phone via e-mail, where all administrative data from phone is sent. Moreover, all applications operate only in stealth mode, and are very difficult to detect. Let’s look at five most well-liked spyware programs you are able find online.

Norton Family Premier

Excellent service of parental control from Norton offers great filtration tools and useful opportunities for tracking of location, as well as information reports about your children’s activities on the mobile phones. The version Norton Family Premier for Android has much more functions and capacities that iOS version, in particular because of Apple’s restrictions on mobile device management. One of the best functions of Norton Family Premier is a great feature for tracking of location. Through the web portal, parents can track their child’s location in less than one minute. Parental Norton portal gives you a possibility to browse the list of the apps downloaded and installed on Android device and disable those that (in your opinion) your children must not use. You can also determine the time during which the kid can use his/her phone.

Qustodio Parental Control

Parental portal Qustodio for Families Premium allows you to browse the list of the downloaded and installed applications on the Android device and block those that (in your opinion) must not be used by your children (such function is unavailable in the version for iPhone). This function also has some disadvantages: you can’t block all applications in one step, and there is no description for each application in the online portal). Qustodio for Families Premium allows parents to interlock the content falling into different categories. Starting the work with the program, parents can use the recommendations based on age restrictions, and then just make the necessary adjustments to the program settings.

child monitoring software

ESET NOD32 Parental Control

The application ESET NOD32 Parental Control was previously available as an offline service, but now it is also an integral component of the cross-platform protection solution called ESET. All the necessary actions and settings can be made directly in the application. Web filtering service in ESET is called “Web control” and makes it possible to block potentially dangerous and unwanted websites. No matter how you will receive protection, ESET NOD32 Parental Control for Android can be an ideal solution for families. Being a implicitly stand-alone software application, ESET doesn’t require interaction with the web interface to access filtering and monitoring tools. Module called “Application control” offers powerful functions of application management. Parents can administrate the applets initialized by the child and disable the unacceptable ones.


  • no option of blocking the text messages and calls;
  • difficulty in switching between the accounts of a child and parent;
  • changes are not applied immediately.

Net Nanny for Android

The version for Android utility makes it possible to trap applications and sites, put a period limit on the use of a tool (at that, the ability to contact the family remains), informs you about the websites and social networks your child visits. You can also track the location of the device and set the safety zones (if the child leaves a certain perimeter, the parent will be informed about it). You can control the child from your phone or via the internet interface online. Users criticize the defect of the program: it is possible to set limitations on each application separately, but not on the group. For example, the child can run any games, but only for a certain time.

If you think that your child is too dependent on his/her smartphone and devotes much time to games and fear that he/she will Google something wrong or come under the bad influence, there are many opportunities to control the use of the phone: from simple limitations of purchases, installation of software and web surfing to powerful utilities, allowing to realize full surveillance and monitor every action of the child and all his/her communications, encourage him/her for good behavior with “additional time”, etc. Missing functions of such application software are complemented by the right education, as now you will have an capability to provide it. You can go the other way install the application for a child’s mobile management along with the tracking program. You will get a full set. For example, you will be able to turn off the game if you find out that your child is playing during the class.

Now you can realize what “intendance of the child with a help of the phone” represents and how to arrange it. You understand that this is a necessary measure. Absence of full education can be called a negligence of parents. Don’t drag it out, as it’s better to organize such activities and make sure that everything’s all right than to turn a blind eye to the potential problem.

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