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13 January 2019

In our time, processing technologies keep developing day by day. This fact has its pros and cons. Nowadays, every user can buy the applications for tracking WhatsApp and other social networks. Spyware programs permit us to collect administrative data about the calls and messages on the target device. The affordances of such applications software are always increasing, which attracts a lot of customers. The main benefit of phone-tracking apps is that they work in stealth mode. It is very convenient for the parents who want to control their children. However, there is the other side of the coin- the number of crimes in social networks keeps growing.


MSpy is one of the top spyware programs. It works quite simply: you have to download the corresponding soft for Android, iOS app or an installation file on the computer that wants to be tracked, and configure the program so that it becomes part of the device list. This service is paid, but it offers us different prices depending on the period of the contract and the monitored devices (it depends on whether we only monitor smartphones or also PCs). The cheapest version of mSpy costs $20, and the most expensive- about $200 (it includes demo version).

This controlling system allows us to control various functions and applications:

  • Contacts from the contact list
  • Call log
  • Instant messaging applications (files and conversations): Snapchat, Line, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, Telegram SMS
  • Social networks like Facebook, Instagram or Tinder
  • History of viewing sites
  • Emails
  • Placement history
  • Installed applications
  • Keylogger

So, if you need to check one or more devices for the security of your kids or make sure that the rules of your work environment are followed as far as confidentiality of information is concerned, this may well be what you were looking for.

Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy makes a  samsung smartphone a real GSM bug. In addition to the functions of tapping cell phones, this program is capable of intercepting all SMS messages. Also, if the spy phone has GPS, this uncanny program will report you about the phone owner location. Isn’t it enough? Then how about a full history of all incoming outgoing calls, with records of the time of calls, their period of time. If the contact is in the phonebook of the spy samsung phone, not only its number will be shown, but also the contact’s name.

The program for tapping GSM cell phones and intercepting data (SMS, Email, GPS) works in hidden mode, it is recorded in the system core, and it is almost impossible to detect it. And finally, all statistically important data (intercepted by SMS, Email, GPS, call history, etc.) is transmitted to your personal cabinet on the web and you can use it 24 hours a day from any computer laptop or phone with HTML support. The cost of this program is very attractive- only $100 for nine months.

samsung monitor software

Spymaster Pro

Spymaster Pro is a program designed for monitoring calls and messages. It also has other options, such as GPS tracking, call interception and monitoring of messages. It is working 24/7 and sends information on a regular basis. The price of the app is about $10 for one month. It is suitable for Android/ iOS. This program is aimed at monitoring the performance of your kids, partner or workers. Moreover, Spymaster Pro acts as a keylogger, which make the spying process way easier. That way, you receive all the content you need from the controlled phone  quickly and without any difficulties. Moreover, it is suitable for all samsung smartphones.

The price of the app is about:

  • $17 (standard version),
  • $20 (premium version)
  • $23 (gold version) for 1 month.

TheTruth Spy

TheTruth Spy is the answer to your all over difficulties! With its aid, you can review someone else’s calls, messages, photos, videos, etc. TheTruthSpy works on Android-based devices and offers numerous functions at an excellent price. By installing such a thing on a samsung smartphone, you will receive complete data control over the person. Such a wiretapping of a mobile phone implies access to messages and Internet activity, movement tracking, remote control of a microphone, camera and other phone functions.

New information technologies emerge every single day. Even small children have wide smartphones and tablets with Internet access. This factor causes concern in moms and dads and makes them resort to software spying. After all, security of your kids is the most important.

To date, there is a great variety of free phone-tracking applications. So, how to determine which of them is the pick of the basket? In this article, we have listed the most popular phone-tracking apps to help you choose easier. These apps are considered the best all over the world due to their outstanding functions. These programs have received excellent reviews and have been developed by the most talented software developers. For this reason, they are considered the most convenient and affordable. And don’t forget that if you have lost the phone, the spyware can help you to find it.

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