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13 January 2019

Hoverwatch is a spyware for wiretapping phones and tablets. It can be installed on a device that you want to control, and it will quietly work on it, record all the information and send it over the Internet to your mobile device. The program works with any operators, anywhere in the world, on any Android devices. There will be also such programs for iPhone, iPad, Windows PC, Windows Mobile, Mac. Both devices with and without SIM cards are supported. The program is easily installed. It requires a minimum of knowledge and time. It is almost completely hidden on your device and cannot be removed without your permission.

Program features of Hoverwatch


There is function of recording the typed text. It has been believed that Keylogger cannot be implemented for Android. However, we did it and hoverwatch has become the first Android program in the world which implements this function, which does not require root rights and there is no need to install third-party keyboards.

Hoverwatch notifications

All incoming notifications from any applications are intercepted. Thus, if the controlled device does not have root access, the interception of notifications paired with the Keylogger will give almost complete correspondence in any application.

  • Protection from removal of Hoverwatch
  • The program cannot be uninstalled in the standard way. It can be removed only after you give permission to do so.
  • There is no need for root access in Ihoverwatch
  • Getting root access is a difficult, dangerous and long procedure. The rooted device will lose warranty. Therefore, almost all functions of Ihoverwatch work without root access.
  • Screenshots without root access in Ihoverwatch
  • The function of work without root isn’t available in any other program.
  • Ihoverwatch is available without registration
  • There is no need to register and choose a username and password. There are no email confirmations, no codes and IMEI. You should simply enter your email and press a few buttons.
  • Quick and easy installation of Ihoverwatch
  • Installation of the program will take only 2 minutes. It can be made even by an amateur. All the necessary settings are made with a few clicks of the buttons.
  • SMS management on new versions of Android 4.4 and above
  • This is a very useful feature if the device is out of the Internet area. Also, if you send a text to the counter device and it turns out that Ihoverwatch is removed from it, the SMS command won’t appear anyway! Thus, you can always see if the program has been uninstalled.
  • Control any application.
  • You can control absolutely any application simply by specifying its name in the list of monitored programs by Ihoverwatch. Thus, you do not have to ask the developers to make them support the interception of the application.
  • All information at the time of installation
  • The program retrieves all the information that was available at the time of installation of the program. Namely: all SMS, the entire history of visited sites, contact book, calendar notes, list of installed applications, photos, audios, videos.
  • Hidden call

You can call the device on which Hoverwatch is installed from your phone and listen to what is happening around. For example: you call your child, and he does not answer the call. Then, you turn on the “hidden call” function and re-call his number and your call will be received without his notice, and you can find out whether your child is in danger or not.

  • Call simulation
  • You can make a controlled phone secretly call any number. The call will not be visible or heard, and the number will not be saved in the call log.
  • Simulation for free
  • You can make a controlled phone secretly send SMS to any number. The sent SMS will not be seen or heard, and the number will not be saved in the call log.
  • Anti-conflict with the microphone

The Android system has only one app that can record sound. For example, if you are recording all the sounds at the controlled device and your child wants to record a video on the camera, send a voice note to WhatsApp or call Viber, he will not be able to do it. Moreover, there will be such a notification “the microphone is controlled by another application”, which will cause unnecessary questions from the person under care. There has been developed a unique feature that pauses recording and releases it for another application and immediately resumes it after exiting the conflicting application.

Call blocking

You can set a black list of numbers or contacts, and the program will block incoming calls from this list.

  • Traffic saving
  • Photo compression
  • Protection from re-sending data
  • “Dropout” of black selfshots
  • “Easy” format of call and voice records
  • Location
  • Determination of the device location by GPS satellites, WIFI points, GSM networks
  • Display of movement on the world map in real time
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