How to find out hidden applications secretly downloaded on your phone?

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13 January 2019

It has long been no secret to anyone that for almost every model of modern phones there is a spy program that allows you to collect personal data and track the location of a subscriber to within a few meters. Modern mobile phone operating systems already resemble more, and sometimes are full-fledged operating systems, the same as desktop operating systems. iOS and Android OS, built on Unix-based systems, on the one hand, and the Symbian operating system, which is a conglomerate of DOS and Unix, on the other hand, are excellent environments for building complex spyware. The presence of a high-level operating system is not a prerequisite.

Mobile spyware was written under the old model of Siemens. Only the functionality of such a mobile wiretap was severely curtailed, and the installation of the program required a flashing of the phone, which means already semi-professional knowledge and skills.

Modern programs for wiretapping cell phones are installed as normal applications, but in such a way that the icon is not in the phone menu and the spy does not manifest itself. It will never be superfluous to check your phone for spyware.

How is it possible to achieve secrecy in operating systems

The developers of which assure us that the safety of the phone is the first task they solve? The answer is very simple: all systems provide the ability to run hidden services. Without such programs, the operating system itself could not exist. You can determine the running processes and services only through special utilities that are often not supplied with the phone itself. Thus, a man in the street who is ignorant in matters of a telephone device is at risk of receiving an inconspicuous spy program on his device. The program for intercepting calls from a mobile phone starts automatically when you turn on the phone, and the collected data is sent via an Internet connection or via SMS commands.

Many people are interested in the possibility of remote installation of the program into the phone imperceptibly for its owner, but this, unfortunately, is not always possible. If a spy program is already installed on your phone, you can use it to update the program or record a new one remotely. But the original program, unfortunately, cannot be established without direct access to the phone. In any case, it will never be superfluous to check your phone for spyware with the help of antivirus programs that are gaining popularity.

Signs of spyware

Obviously, any system that is connected to the Internet and uses a browser or email can be a victim of spyware. Signs of infection are visible to the naked eye or hidden from observation, depending on the type of spyware you are confronted with. However, there are some simple symptoms that should not elude your attention. There are various tools to help detect spyware.

The signs of the presence of spyware include incomprehensible hard drive activity, increased CPU utilization, software conflicts that were not previously observed, slow response, or system failure. Unfortunately, the same signs can be caused by other problems, and it is not so easy to draw certain conclusions based on them.

As a rule, you should be suspicious of excessive amounts of spam and pop-up advertising windows: they can be caused by spyware. In addition, if your browser opens Web sites to which you have definitely not accessed, adds new links and settings, it is quite possible that a spy program is to blame. The best way to detect and remove it is to use special tools.

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