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13 January 2019

There is such mobile software as a spy program on the phone, designed to track and listen to its owner. We warn that these actions are illegal. But familiarity with such software and its capabilities will help protect you from encroachments on your personal life, for example. Perhaps, after reading this article, you will be more vigilant and do not leave your phone once again unattended.

Note that today spyware on the phone is no longer exotic. They are available for installation and work on the Internet and, as a rule, keep up with the times, offering users new and most popular tools. All spyware programs on the phone are different, and also cost differently depending on the functionality and professionalism of the performance. In this article we will not talk about a specific program for eavesdropping cell phones, let’s focus on the basic functions.

The main features of mSpy program:

  • Hidden listening to conversations from your phone and recording SMS according to your settings.
  • All recorded data is sent to the server and then available to you anywhere in the world.
  • Listening to everything that happens around the phone.
  • The so-called GSM-bug function, when you can just call this phone while it picks up the phone, and the owner of the phone will not notice anything.
  • Allows you to view the correspondence from the phone through the built-in email-client.
  • The function of a GPS tracker, when the location of the owner of the phone is available to you, subject to the availability of GPS on it.

Location data will be transmitted according to your settings. For example, you can set the frequency to determine the location of an object at intervals of 1 hour, or at intervals of several minutes or even seconds to track its movement. Thus, at your disposal a hidden tracker is, which itself is recharged and able to turn on and work when you need, and for an arbitrarily long time.

The ability to monitor the entire list of phone calls with the display of names from a notebook.
The maximum secrecy of mSpy program, which makes it almost invisible to the user. In any case, to find out that he is the one who is listening to the tracking and monitoring software of a person who does not expect a collision with such a misfortune has no chance.

Another thing is a professional who can put his phone nearby with active speakers, observe the hiss of the latter, detect a pattern (frequency), and then start rummaging through his phone, remembering where and to whom his phone was available to install such spyware. And most importantly, what would a professional know what to look for ideally how to search. And even for such people it would be easier to change the phone than to find mSpy software that doesn’t have a visual interface for interacting with the phone owner. (And advice for the “cowardly”: do not want to become a victim of such a program buy outdated models of phones with limited functionality). Once again we note the storage of your captured information on your account on the Internet, which makes it available to you anytime and anywhere.

As you probably already understood, this program gives all the main communication control over the victim. A person who has mSpy software installed on his mobile phone reports about himself a detailed picture of where, why, what time, with whom and for what, he goes, does, is going to do.

The most frequently used spyware for wiretapping a phone is used to listen to and track a caller: Tracking children. Someone may say that this way of observing a child is fully justified by taking care of your child. Agree, that this is a great option to know what company your child got into, what he does, where he disappeared, etc. But what about the rights of children, we say. Or children are not people? And would you like it if your child installed such a program, what would know where and how you like to spend your free time?
Business relationship. This scope of application is too broad for detailed consideration. Immediately, we note that industrial espionage is not justified by anything other than your interests, and this justification will obviously not be enough for your opponents.
Family safety. Statistics change all that. Such a method of launching its “second half” into clean water is quite convenient. Although it would be more correct to say ideal for this question. Those. a hint is clear, and the question of how to trace my wife through the phone is as acute as it was no longer necessary.

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