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13 January 2019

Children are the future of our life, and all of us are fully responsible Adults. Is it easy to be current parents? On the one hand, it is simple, since any of their movements is productively supportive. On the other hand, it is unusually difficult, since each child is “unique” in its own way. And every parent would like to have a reality to monitor the child through the phone and see any step of their teenager, as they become independent with the age: new acquaintances, late walks.

And to help parents, programmers created an application for surveillance, which helps monitor children through their smartphone. What will help to get a move to almost all actions performed on the smartphone, and in some cases record the movements of the owner?

Favorable offer to monitor the child through the phone

The need to spy on children via the phone may arise in a variety of situations, for example: are you afraid that your child will fall into an unimportant company, or want to know who they are talking to?
The Secureteen app is a special tracker for Android smartphones and iPhones. The advantage of the development is that you can even monitor the child from the computer this requires accessing the project’s official website. The two main functions of the program:

  • monitoring the location of children and the battery level of their mobile.
  • In addition, the application has a special SOS button, with which you can report an alarm.
  • On the parents screen, after pressing the desired key, an alert and location information will be displayed.
  • Installs GPS tracker Secureteen completely free from the official site.
  • The program interface is simple, there are no problems with setting up, but for those who want to thoroughly understand the utility, manufacturers have prepared a video instruction on how to use the software.

Using Secureteen for a mobile phone is very simple, because it does not require special technical knowledge. Just go to the official website to register and embed on the smartphone of the child for whom you want to follow. After rebooting the phone, the software will start its work and will remain invisible to the average user. And you can easily manage it remotely through the site of your personal account, using the functions you need.

For example, turn on the microphone of the phone remotely and hear what is happening in the district, predispose where the owner of the mobile phone lives and with whom he has a dialogue. The program for tracking children will also help determine the location of the phone, which uses cellular tower signals and, if possible, GPS data, which allows achieving high positioning accuracy (up to several meters).

secure teen

The Secureteen application can be used for various purposes, but its effectiveness in any case is beyond doubt.  In our time, modern technology, we can use the new features of smartphones to track the child’s whereabouts and know that everything is fine with him. Most of these applications are available to each parent and are supported by all GPS gadgets.

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